Meet Nature

Applied research at MOCA and founder of the tokenized art collective Fluctuo. I believe in permissionless blockchains, the power of NFTs and identity interoperability.

Avatar Interoperability

I love to do applied research around avatars and metaverse technology. Choose me as your avatar and explore the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA) experience that we've created with the Webaverse engine.

My Origin Story

Back in 2020 I published a long Twitter thread that explains the story behind my existence. The post tries to visualize the concept of interoperable avatars and identity ownership attached to non-fungible tokens.

Footsteps by Nature

I document my metaverse journeys via tokenized photographs. These limited editions try to capture the bleeding edge of avatar and metaverse technology via VR photography fueled by full-body tracking etc.

The Fluctuo Project

Originally started in 2020, the beautiful art gallery Fluctuo was manifested in Somnium Space. 2 Years later we opened up the curation and involved the Tribe of Nature community via inclusive multiplayer dapps by MOCA.

Dark Techno on Audius

As a fan of techno and rap music I created this playlist on Audius which is curated by me and my summoner Reneil. The platform is still in it's early stages and we're adding more and more tracks as it grows.

IP Experimentation

The Nature brand is open to web3 native collaborations and IP experiments. In 2020 the first partnerships (e.g. ETH-MEN action figures) happened. The latest version of the Nature avatar enables so much more. Hit me up.